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Certified PECB Trainer, PECB Certified ISO 37301 Senior Lead Implementer, Workplace trainer and coach, business Development service Provider, Certified Management Consultant, Compliance Management Systems specialist, Certified Global Human Resource Management Professional, Certified Lead Project Management, Certified Senior Emotional Intelligence Professional, Certified Lead Health Safety and Environment Management Professional, Business Executive and Strategist

  • Oche Patrick Oche
    Oche Patrick Oche
    Chief Executive Officer
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Oche Patrick Oche
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Results-driven executive officer with over 10 years leading and increasing growth in small and medium businesses with unparallel increase in company revenue 300% over 5 years. Professional trainer and corporate strategist with 8+ years of training and facilitation experience across multiple disciplines. Possesses proven track record in helping clients achieve professional goals through customized training, coaching and mentoring programs. Consistently improves training skills by developing new programs and courses. Experienced and dynamic corporate trainer with excellent communication, management and team building, sales, marketing and business development specialist. Pharmaceutical business development, retail station management and great understanding of the downstream oil and gas sector. Stakeholders’ management and MSMEs coaching and service provider.

Oche Patrick Oche

Oche Patrick Oche
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