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Disaster Recovery Trainings

What is Disaster Recovery?
Disaster Recovery includes policies and procedures aimed at protecting an organization from human or naturally triggered disruptions on the IT infrastructure. It plays a significant role in the prevention of data losses, financial consequences, loss of trustworthiness and organizational reputation. A Disaster Recovery Plan includes the measures that an organization should take to swiftly recover its IT systems.

Why is Disaster Recovery important for you?
Having the necessary expertise to support an organization in implementing, maintaining and managing an ongoing Disaster Recovery Plan guarantees you professional recognition. Acquire your essential and fundamental skills in Disaster Recovery and help your organization develop procedures, plans, and recovery processes. Being certified against Disaster Recovery demonstrates your determination to achieve a certain level of professional competence in the industry.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery
The benefits that you will gain upon the successful completion of the Disaster Recovery certification include the following:

Strengthen your personal capability to conduct a DR project
Acquire the necessary expertise to help an organization in implementing Disaster Recovery practices
Help an organization meet its business objectives regarding Disaster Recovery
Gain an internationally recognized certification
Secure data and hardware
Increase your reliability
Minimize risk
Disaster Recovery

How do I get started with Disaster Recovery Training?
Selecting the appropriate training and certification body can be challenging. Our training is uniquely designed to meet individual and organization needs. With the help of our professionals, you will be able to expand your knowledge, succeed, and most importantly be recognized worldwide.

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Certified Disaster Recovery training courses available
If you are eager to take your expertise one step further, We offers the right training for you. Acquire more knowledge about Disaster Recovery through our training course. Find below the training that best suits you:

Disaster Recovery Introduction
Introduction to Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery Foundation
Become acquainted with the best practices in Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Manager
Understand the implementation and management of Disaster Recovery Services

Lead Disaster Recovery Manager
Master the implementation and management of Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Trainings